Facilitation & coaching

Facilitation is where our co-creative learning journey began, and we believe the same can be true for you. We provide thoughtfully-designed, inclusive experiences for teams and communities, as well as supportive coaching for leaders.

Organizational culture

Get to know your team on a deeper level, build trusting relationships, and learn how to authentically navigate change together. Whether through a series of workshops or in a custom-designed session, our facilitators focus on creating safe and meaningful spaces where team members can connect and learn.

Increasing awareness
Strengthening teams
Navigating change

Educational experiences

Our team education options are flexible, customizable, and relevant to today’s realities. Go deep with a holistic approach to co-creation and design. Learn how to infuse your innovation practices with inclusive, sustainable values. Apply what you learn with pragmatic methods, tools, and activities from experienced practitioners.

For teams or individuals
Design thinking training
Learn how to facilitate

Innovation & strategy

We work with mission-aligned organizations to provide innovation and strategy support. Every organization’s needs are different, and our team collaborates closely with our partners to find what best serves the goal at hand. That may look like process design, facilitation support, community dialogue, story gathering, or pathfinding. 

Innovate collaboratively
Renew your strategy and mission
Engage your community


Relatable, inspiring, warm, funny, and wise. That’s just a little of the feedback we’ve received from audience members at our speaking engagements. We offer conference talks, keynotes, and participatory event experiences on the topics of co-creation, collaboration, and the equitable inclusion of diverse voices.


We believe in the power of coaching. And we want to support you. If you’re a leader who’s leaning into co-creative practices, or a facilitator growing in your craft, consider signing up for experienced, values-aligned, one-on-one support. We’ll help you find your learning edges, grow your awareness, and deepen your skills.
"As we face crises on many fronts—health, climate, inequality, governance—the challenge that looms largest for me is our diminished ability to work together across lines of difference. The co-creation mindset is critical for anyone working in complex problem spaces. The methods and tools that Co.school employs help people work together by ensuring meaningful participation, harnessing collective intelligence, and shaping sustainable solutions for the future. Kevan and his team are exceptionally skilled and possess a toolkit of creative problem-solving techniques that can be applied across disciplines. I hold their work in the highest regard."
Portrait photo of Krystal Renschler, Founder & Facilitator, Mutatio

Krystal Renschler, Founder & Facilitator, Mutatio

Kevan Gilbert siting at a table dialoguing with a workshop participant
Charlotte Taverner-Whelpton in conversation with a workshop participant
Three people standing and having a conversation during a workshop
Woman leaning her arm on the back of a chair, smiling while listening during a workshop
Workshop participants working together to construct an artifact
Kevan Gilbert speaking to a room of people attending a workshop
Charlotte Taverner-Whelpton leading a workshop
Workshop participants sitting at a table having a discussion
Tracey Falk speaking at a marketing conference
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