Think of it as a skilled facilitator of a meaningful, transformative conversation just for you. Our coaches create and hold a space where you can articulate challenges, discover new possibilities, and grow.
Are you trying to develop your own practice as a facilitator, co-creator, or collaborative change-maker? We’ve been there, and we know it’s not easy. A few challenges we’ve encountered along the way include:

Confronting insecurity

We often carry an uncertainty that what we have, and who we are, isn’t enough. It’s normal to feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and unprepared for leading in unconventional ways, and it can take encouragement and support to move forward with courage. 

Growing our skills

Getting familiar with the practices and processes of co-creation takes time. Whether learning the theory or experimenting with new tools, it takes repeated practice, often supported by others, before we can stand on our own two feet. 

External challenges from others

We occasionally face resistance and challenges from bosses, partners, friends, and acquaintances who are not yet open to co-creation. Finding ways forward in these relationships can be quite challenging.

External resistance from systems and cultures

Generations of habits have accumulated that work against co-creation. Pathways of dominance, oppression, hierarchy, and authoritarianism are encoded in many businesses, organizations and governments. 
Wherever you are on your journey, a supportive, experienced partner can be a huge benefit. This is where a coach comes in.

What is coaching?

Coaching creates a reliable, relational space for you to process what you’re going through with a conversation partner who can help you navigate the chaos. We provide coaching in a one-on-one setting, so you can safely process your challenges, resistance, and next steps in your journey. 

What's different about's coaching?

We are peer coaches.
We work as colleagues with you to listen and support. We believe that coaching is best done from the position of “alongside”—a person with you and for you, not above you. That means it’s non-directive. Our coaches aren’t here to give advice or prescriptions. We’re here to ask thoughtful questions, listen well, nudge you towards your own wisdom, and encourage you along your journey. Where appropriate, we can also provide helpful resources and ideas from our own experience and practice.

We are co-creators with you.
We’re helping you develop your own practice as a co-creator, and using co-creation to do it. As folks who come from a background of process design, question-asking and space-holding, we’re here to help you dig into your own practice as a collaborator, changemaker, and facilitator.

“The depth of my coaching sessions with Kevan has been extraordinary. He helps me focus on what really matters and provides soaring encouragement from a place of grounded enthusiasm. I always leave our sessions feeling like I have a better grasp on my situation and meaningful ways forward.” 
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Derek Weiss, Executive Director,
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