Facilitation for healthy cultures

Today’s leaders are looking for authentic and meaningful ways to strengthen team culture and connection. Our facilitators are here to help you support a healthy, thriving team—with customized gatherings, workshops, and educational experiences that respect diverse needs.


Often, we begin by increasing awareness of who makes up your team—exploring individual strengths and needs. This type of self-disclosure requires trust and authenticity, and our facilitators work to create a psychologically safe environment before guiding participants through activities that are intentionally designed to increase understanding between team members. This includes exploring elements such as individual superpowers, communication preferences, working realities, and stress responses.


Connection can present a unique challenge when teams are working remotely, or in a hybrid context. Building trusting connections in these environments is more important than ever, but for most of us it’s still new territory. With many years of experience bringing teams together remotely, we can support you with sessions designed to work in remote and hybrid realities, and by providing supportive coaching and content on how to maintain (and even grow) a healthy culture in digital contexts. You might find—like we have—that these new realities provide opportunities for more equitable interactions and work. 


When a team is authentically connected and safe to explore, we can tackle some substantial shifts: such as increasing room for diversity, navigating organizational turbulence, and understanding what thriving looks like amid changing systems and realities. Change is a constant challenge that organizational ecosystems face. We approach it in a human-centric way that puts the focus on individual well-being. This creates a sustainable team culture where people are respected and seen—a goal we work hard to model in our sessions as well as partnerships.
Co-creative facilitation doesn’t simply use a one-size-fits all approach to organizational culture. We want to understand your team’s pain points, aspirations, and strengths, working with you to find effective ways for your people to connect.

We offer ...

Remote team-building sessions
Team retreats and offsites
Systems change education
Organizational culture workshops
Introduction to conflict mediation and transformation
Group reflection activities
Custom engagements
Leadership development
Emotional intelligence, communication and soft skills training
“The path we were led down to effectively lay the groundwork for our team building, and then layer-by-layer add to it, caused this to be the most effective 'team building' experience I've ever taken part in! I hope we can continue to build the relationship between our companies, as I would absolutely love to learn more from you folks!”
Sarah Nickerson
Project Lead, Certn
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