A guide to facilitation

Stories and methods for an authentic practice

(print edition)

Our collected resource on facilitation for those who would like both guides (“Authentic facilitation” and “Online facilitation”) in printed form. Includes a helpful collection of resources and templates for practical use.
Paperback: 93 pages
Published: May 2023
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“Facilitating a group of people through a truly purposeful process may be the true flow-state for communities: it’s a demonstration of democracy—a visible interplay of interdependence. In creating the conditions for that mode of being, you are bringing connectedness.”

About the authors

This guide combines the advice of two experienced facilitators who have practiced facilitation with teams from higher education, government, healthcare, corporate and non-profit sectors in Europe and North America.

Kevan Gilbert is a sought-after facilitator, thought-leader, speaker and strategist. He is an inclusive leader who creates spaces for people and organizations to transform through listening. Kevan is a practicing facilitator and educator at Co.school.

Charlotte Taverner-Whelpton is an experienced and masterful facilitation leader who began her career in engagement and community management. Charlotte specializes in creating safe and innovative spaces for co-creation.
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