Dear future co-creator,

If you’ve been working to create a new organization, a new vision, a new policy, a new product or service — perhaps a new world, if you’re dreaming big — you might be done with silos and solo efforts, heroism and hustle, mandates and magical thinking. 

You're here for co-creation.

For working together with your community, to design and create this newness.

It's not always easy.

Co-creation hasn’t been the default way of working in organizations and schools for most of our lives. And, from within our own spaces, we often get stuck: in our patterns, habits and biases.

That's why we're here. We believe co-creation is important, but hard, and we'd like to help.

Sometimes, it takes an external perspective to help provide momentum, clarity, and creativity. Your partners
in co-creation

As external facilitators, we help teach and lead processes of collaborative innovation. We’re based in British Columbia, Canada, and serving partners around the world in their journeys to make meaningful, inclusive, lasting change.

We work with partners who share a similar set of values to us — folks who are ready to put community first, show up authentically and model hospitality. 


Organization-wide training on co-creation

Embedding collaborative innovation with Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation

A new organization to advocate for disability rights in BC

Facilitating systems change with the BC Disability Collaborative

If you’re ready to learn new ways of collaboration, or  to build a project together — let's talk.

You can also learn online now

We’ve put together a collection of web-based resources to help people learn co-creation, and you can dig in right away:
video talk

A Call to Co-Creation

An accessible, inviting intro to co-creation, with real-life stories and a diverse set of tools 
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What we’re dreaming of

We carry in our minds and hearts a vision of a flourishing future — one where each other’s voices are heard. We sense it won’t come automatically or from “on high.” It needs to be co-created, and co-creation needs to be practiced and taught, in a respectful and accessible way. If you’re asking questions like this, too, feel free to reach out.

Kevan & Charlotte
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