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Our guide to systems thinking

Understanding the systems we live and work within is essential to co-creating with clarity and equity. This is not simple work, but it’s the type of worthy, vulnerable work that we must do together. This guide is a humble offering of what we’ve learned so far, knowing there is always more to discover.
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Key takeaways

As an introduction to systems thinking, this guide shares key tools, such as the Cynefin framework, to equip you with ways to understand problem spaces and choose appropriate modes of working together. Examining how individuals and groups work in systems, it uncovers power dynamics and the ways those forces often push us towards predictable patterns and responses that can be unlearned.
Learn how to see the system you’re part of, and where you are within it. Choose how to interact with others, problem-solve in tricky spaces, and create regenerative systems informed by the principles of life itself.

“What kind of change is possible when we insist on stewarding our systems differently? When we empower participation instead of restricting voices? When we look at natural systems instead of the mechanistic examples of the industrial era? When we let our systems be led by love instead of power and privilege?”

About the author

Kevan Gilbert is a sought-after facilitator, thought-leader, speaker and strategist. He is an inclusive leader who creates spaces for people and organizations to transform through listening. Kevan is a practicing facilitator and educator at
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Living systems thinking

Take a step into seeing the systems we cohabit in a new way with this engaging guide. Learn insightful frameworks and approaches to navigating work dynamics and building new ways that contribute to thriving, healthy realities for all. 
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