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Co-creative methods and mindsets have the potential to transform some of our most intractable and complex challenges as a human species. But in order to engage in co-creation effectively, we must develop the type of self-awareness and relationship skills necessary to ground ourselves, listen well, and innovate meaningfully.
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Key takeaways

Dipping into themes of self-awareness and relational skills, this guide connects the inner work of well-being with the outer work of community and innovation.

Explore how to notice and name our individual needs in order to bring our personal best to the work at hand. And learn techniques for listening well, resolving conflict and creating the conditions for collaboration, exploration, and creativity.

“Co-creation comes with a very personal twist: it requires authenticity. It is simply impossible to co-create well without the ability to be authentically connected to ourselves and others.”

About the author

Kevan Gilbert is a sought-after facilitator, thought-leader, speaker and strategist. He is an inclusive leader who creates spaces for people and organizations to transform through listening. Kevan is a practicing facilitator and educator at
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Wholehearted co-creation

Relating to ourselves and others at work.
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