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Pocket guide to design thinking

Design thinking is a key method in co-creation: one that can empower you to lead innovation processes confidently and inclusively. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and embrace the strengths of design thinking in this robust and helpful guide.
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Key takeaways

Design thinking has been a contemporary darling of major design studios and corporate giants—and has garnered its fair share of valid criticism. But beneath the hype, opportunism, and misapplication of the method, design thinking contains timeless, foundational strengths that can help co-creators pursue innovation in equitable, effective ways. 

This full guide to design thinking offers a refreshed take on how to apply design thinking in the service of the community. Learn how to guide a process through the double diamond, while keeping ethics firmly in place throughout the journey, in order to arrive at solutions for complex problems.

“Design thinking has been heavily critiqued of late, and it can be confusing to parse where we’re at. Are we done with design thinking? Or is it just time to practice it in a different way?

At its most useful, design thinking remains a critical practice of inclusive innovation: it is one way of exploring new ideas, engaging with your community, and emerging with ideas worth executing.”

About the author

Kevan Gilbert is a sought-after facilitator, thought-leader, speaker and strategist. He is an inclusive leader who creates spaces for people and organizations to transform through listening. Kevan is a practicing facilitator and educator at
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You've purchased "Pocket guide to design thinking"

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