Co-creative foundations for a cross-disciplinary team

Applied, project-based, hybrid learning with Vancouver Foundation
The team at Vancouver Foundation were exploring a key question: how might we design more equitably and inclusively with your community? To explore this, they asked to design and deliver a custom program to help upskill their capacity to co-create.

Staff members from multiple departments across Vancouver Foundation were selected to participate as a cohort, on the foundations of co-creation. 

During this program, which was delivered virtually, they not only learned the basics of the theory and frameworks, but were given the chance to apply the thinking in hands-on project teams that pursued an applied business challenge. 

The entire program was co-designed the entire program with close involvement with Vancouver Foundation staff. It was a hybrid approach: video learning was scripted and filmed before each virtual session, and participants came together for facilitated virtual sessions, creating interactive learning experiences around the key content areas. Team members were given assignments, which were undertaken on smaller teams — they led their own projects, which allowed them to practice the theory in real settings. Through the program, Vancouver Foundation staff were equipped with a reusable toolkit to support their leadership efforts, including the meeting agendas, video files and frameworks. 

The results of the program were an engaged staff, more committed to inclusivity than ever, and equipped to seek meaningful opportunities for co-creation.

“I’d highly recommend working with We got all the tools we needed to be better hosts and collaborators. takes learning seriously, and the team also goes to great lengths to make each session feel seamless and light-hearted. They bring great sincerity and craftsmanship to hosting, teaching, and coaching.”
Portrait photo of Nancy Zhao, Knowledge Exchange and Mobilization Specialist, Foundry BC
Esther Tung, Senior Content Strategist, Vancouver Foundation
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