Solutions for longstanding challenges in the autism community

Facilitating innovation across differences and divides, with AIDE Canada
As a convener and knowledge mobilizer in the space of autism support networks, AIDE Canada wanted to design and host a conference that brought contributors from all across Canada to tackle long-standing challenges in the autism space. helped design a multi-day engagement involving 80 participants, that followed a flow of listening, live collaboration and ideation, to help a pan-Canadian coalition of autism advocates (from government, health care, non-profit and self-advocacy) come up with new ways forward for their community.

Through closer partnership with the team of co-facilitators who would work with participants, designing and delivering the keynote address, and coaching the organizers behind the scenes towards co-creating a welcome and inclusive event, the result was an energized and activated community, ready for making more change. 

“The conversation and energy were invigorating—and I see real opportunity to come out of the solutions. Your guidance to navigate powerful conversations with those deeply invested in solutions was a true gift.” 
Portrait photo of Nancy Zhao, Knowledge Exchange and Mobilization Specialist, Foundry BC
Ryan Popplestone, Manager, Office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities at Government of Alberta
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