A Call to Co-Creation

  • Written and taught by Kevan Gilbert
  • Time: 1 hour & 15 minutes
This video-based class walks through the model, mindset and methods of design thinking, through the lens of co-creation, for leading change in this emerging era. Driven by stories and empowering you to reflect on the way you show up as a co-creator, this learning material will prepare us for our collaborative session with x Shopify on June 21 and 23.

Meet Your Instructor

Kevan Gilbert

Founder & CEO of
Kevan Gilbert is a facilitator, writer and leader who helps organizations transform through listening. Trusted by non-profits, universities and governments, Kevan is known for helping lead breakthrough collaborative sessions that help bring about change. He lives on a solar-powered intergenerational family farm in Kelowna, BC, with his partner Kendra, their four kids, and sixty egg-producing chickens, and enjoys writing songs and telling stories that make people laugh, think or possibly cry.


It's a new era. One that requires new skills. And new ways to work together.
Help your organization prepare for the emerging future. Equip your team to meet complex challenges. Ground yourself in the mindsets and methods needed to lead and thrive today.

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